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“Aura Pilates has been my home for pilates since they opened their doors…I love the low-key, welcoming atmosphere that always makes me feel like I can practice pilates at my own personal level. Regular practice has given me increased strength and flexibility and has cured the chronic back pain I suffered for years. I love starting my mornings at Aura’s sunny studio.. a great way to begin my day!”


“Pilates became an important part of my life over 10 years ago. I was already doing yoga two or three times a week, but my gym offered a mat Pilates class with Delyer on alternate days, so I decided to try it. I found it was a great balance between the two. From the very beginning I recognized that she is a master trainer.

A few years later, I decided I needed to improve my posture and called Delyer for a weekly private session. I have been with her ever since. During that time my posture has improved dramatically. Not only that, after I had an accident and suffered severe chest contusions, Pilates helped my recovery even more than physical therapy.

I consider Pilates part of my good health. I love the new Aura studio. After following Delyer to Laguna Niguel for several years, it's nice to have her back in Corona Del Mar so close to home. Not only is her studio convenient, but it reflects the high standards of Pilates and yoga instruction that Delyer personifies.”


“Generally speaking I abhor exercise. After being nudged by a friend to try Pilates at Aura, I gave it a try and it has been one of the best things to happen to my mind and body! I have found a routine that I love and actually look forward to. At 65, I have redeveloped and rediscovered my core and muscles in parts of my body that had gone MIA. Overall my balance, body tone and flexibility have improved remarkably. What I appreciate about the studio is that all instructors are well-versed in age-appropriate training and routines. Under the amazing leadership of Delyer Coffman, all that I have trained with at her studio are pros and a true joy. I love Aura Pilates!”


“Aura is a fabulous Pilates studio!   From the moment you walk in, there's a special feeling that they are happy you're there.   The small classes and careful instruction are an important aspect of Aura. They allow for attention to detail and awareness of each student's needs or weaknesses.  You are always encouraged to do what is best for your body and they are always ready to give you a tip or alternativemovement if you need it.  There are always a variety of movements and exercises to cover both stretching and strengthening your body and you never feel that class is routine!   

I've been a Pilates student for almost 14 years and it's always fresh and fun!  I know that my body is in MUCH better condition because of it! Delyer was one of the first instructors I had many years ago. I have followed her and Jill Ann, to a few locations and there's a reason for that; they are the best!  

I couldn't be happier that Delyer has opened Aura studio, and even happier that it's in my neighborhood!  I love it!”

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“Pilates is a bit difficult to master for the beginner.  However, because of the dedication and brilliance of Delyer (owner of AURA) she cleverly reduced my anxiety about my ability to master the correct Pilates approach and brought me gently in to building my confidence about pursuing Pilates on a regular basis.  It took me about six sessions to be able to grasp and understand the discipline needed to take advantage of what Pilates offers.

I love my Pilates sessions at AURA.  They keep you on task and constantly pushes you out of your comfort zone so you continue to improve and build your strength.  Pilates has helped me lead a much healthier life and in the process build my core strength and muscle tone. Many of the aches and pains have gone away, my posture is better and I have become addicted to Pilates as a result.

A friend recommended me to AURA and now I recommend others to come because of Delyer’s approach along with all of her talented instructors.  AURA has a beautiful warm and pleasing atmosphere. Delyer along with all of her instructors make each and every client feel comfortable as they personally design the Pilates experience to blend with the needs of their individual clients.

Pilates works!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The creator (Joseph Pilates) developed the Pilates concept to help individuals recover from catastrophic injuries using the “resistant” method.  Delyer and her instructors have been trained to use the Joseph Pilates method blended with Delyer’s individual theories along with her compassionate and interesting teaching methods.  Once you start your Pilates program at AURA you will quickly see and realize the results in how your body feels along with the shape and muscle tone all of the hard work that you put in pays huge dividends.”


“I came to Aura and Delyer after attending a bar studio for two years in the same area.  I have known Delyer for 10 years, so I was thrilled when she opened up her studio in Corona del Mar.  My knees were in constant pain from the bar studio and totally out of alignment.

Because Delyer is so attentive to detail and truly an expert in her field, I no longer have knee pain or lower back pain.  I have friends who attend other studios and complain of back pain. With Delyer and her instructors, there is an absolute attention to detail and she constantly corrects form, with easy to understand commands.   I practice Pilates 3 times a week, along with my other workout routine. In addition to developing longer leaner muscles, she also offers a jump board class in order to get an aerobic workout if you so desire.

Its also a great way to start your day as her studio has a beautiful view, pristine clean, and if so inclined, great shopping for workout clothes.  Del is one of the best instructors I have had and her staff is equally as good. It is not a chore to work out; it is genuinely fun.

I encourage you to give it a try.  You will not be disappointed.”


"I absolutely love this Pilates studio. As a former BASI trained pilates instructor, I have been mostly disappointed in other studios that do not meet the standards of quality that I look for in a studio. Finally, I found Aura pilates! Aura pilates is a high quality studio that offers a tough, yet safe, workout. The instructors are diligent in making sure that you are doing the exercises properly, so you are getting a great workout that is safe for your body. Plus, the atmosphere is really fun to be at - a lot of really great people to be around. I am really grateful to have found this studio."